About this project

For Penn Social Sports, I developed a comprehensive digital solution that revolutionized their operations and enhanced their participants’ experience. Recognizing the outdated nature of their existing system, I created a dynamic WordPress website that streamlined league management and improved user engagement. The new platform features an intuitive interface for recording scores, posting results, and managing schedules and standings in real-time. This upgrade significantly enhanced the overall experience for players and organizers alike, making it easier to track progress and foster friendly competition.

Beyond the core functionality, I expanded my role to support their marketing efforts. I now design eye-catching graphics and create engaging video content to promote upcoming leagues, effectively capturing the fun, social atmosphere that defines Penn Social Sports. This multi-faceted approach not only modernized their digital presence but also helped to amplify their reach in the Central PA area. The new website and marketing materials highlight the unique social focus of their leagues, emphasizing the opportunity to have fun and socialize at local breweries. This comprehensive digital makeover has positioned Penn Social Sports for continued growth, making it easier for them to attract new participants and expand their offerings in the post-COVID era.

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