About this project

For Smucker Gardens, I crafted a comprehensive branding and digital presence that reflects their rich history and growth from a small family greenhouse to a full-service landscaping company. I designed a logo that captures the essence of their floral roots and current landscaping expertise, establishing a strong visual identity for the brand. Building on this foundation, I developed a WordPress website that showcases their journey from Martha Smucker’s corner garden to the thriving business it is today. The site’s structure highlights their range of services, from greenhouse offerings to state-of-the-art landscaping designs. By incorporating elements that speak to their family heritage and commitment to customer satisfaction, the new website effectively communicates Smucker Gardens’ unique value proposition. This cohesive digital makeover has significantly enhanced their professional image, helping to attract new clients and solidify their position as a leader in the Millersburg area’s landscaping and gardening industry.

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