About this project

For The Sheward Partnership, I created a sophisticated WordPress website that effectively showcases their expertise in architectural design and sustainability consulting. Recognizing the firm’s long-standing reputation and diverse portfolio, I developed a clean, professional design that aligns with their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. The site’s structure was carefully crafted to highlight their two main service areas: design and sustainability consulting. I implemented an intuitive navigation system that allows visitors to easily explore their extensive project portfolio, team expertise, and sustainable design approach. By incorporating dynamic elements to showcase their 3D modeling and BIM capabilities, the website now serves as a powerful tool for demonstrating The Sheward Partnership’s technological prowess. The redesigned platform not only enhances their online presence but also effectively communicates their holistic design philosophy and LEED Proven Provider status. This new digital showcase has improved their ability to attract high-profile clients and reinforce their position as leaders in sustainable architectural design.

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